Pies Bonitos
Roatan, Honduras


When are you opening?

Our equipment and supplies are being moved to Roatan, Honduras.  We expect to have our factory set up in late 2013 with retail sales beginning in early 2014.

Where are Pies Bonitos flip-flops produced?

Pies Bonitos flip-flops are hand crafted by our artisans on the island of Roatan, Honduras.

Where Can I Purchase Pies Bonitos?

Pies Bonitos are ONLY available in Roatan, Honduras.  We do not offer shipping or online sales.  Take this hand crafted item home with you.  Bring a pair home for a friend.  You will not find our product for sale anywhere else in the world.

How do I care for my leather Flip-Flops?

Pies Bonitos are made for island living.  You can polish the beads with a clean soft cloth.  The bead string is actually very strong braided fishing line that is designed to get wet.  The leather will age naturally and both the look and feel of your flip-flops will improve over time.  The leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and leather can be softened with leather conditioner if desired.  With any leather product, we would recommend that you avoid extensive wear in the rain.

100 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our product.  If you notice irregular wear and tear on your flip-flops in the first 100 days, please contact us.  We want to fix them.  It is very difficult to break your bead string, but if you should have a problem, we would be happy to re-string them for you on your next visit to Roatan.

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